Deichkind (Support: Moonbootica)

Deichkind is a German Electro/Hip Hop band. They played a concert with Moonbootica, a German DJ duo.


Admittedly, I hadn’t ever listened to something by Moonbootica before. I knew more or less what kind of music they were making, but that’s it. And then my friends were a little late, so they had already started playing when we came into the hall and we were thrown right in.

And it was brilliant. I was obviously really missing out before: their music is danceable, fun and very energetic.

Plus, they were really punctual, both with the start (which was obviously to my disadvantage), but also with the finish (8.30 on the dot – I’m assuming they planned for that). And since there wasn’t much of a stage change needed (Moonbootica just worked in front of a curtain in front of the stage that was already set up for Deichkind), they just played a couple of music videos [yes, they played music videos] for 10 minutes and then they started the intro video for Deichkind. [Yes, they had an intro video.]

And then they started off very quickly and pulled you right into the show. Unfortunately the venue where they played (Wiener Stadthalle), sucked a bit. I’m not a short person, but if I saw a third (the upper third) of the stage, that’s generously speaking. Most of the time I saw a bit of hair or raised arms (that is, when the audience hadn’t raised their arms at the same time), but not really much of the show. The stage was just much too low – if you weren’t right in front of it (and in the middle of the jumping masses), there was no chance in hell you’d see all of the show.

Which is just particularly sad since Deichkind’s stage shows are a visual as well as auditory experience.

But thankfully their songs are just as cool and we did get to see parts of the show. Which seemed that much calmer than the show I saw in summer. Maybe just because I didn’t see all the craziness. Maybe it was the mostly white background. Maybe they’re getting old.

But even though the whole thing seemed a bit more subdued (and I’m losing subdued here in an entirely relative sense. Nothing about it was actually subdued). But they had their calm moments as well. They played Der Mond und Luftbahn* and that worked really well, too.

In the end, the most important thing is that a Deichkind concert is an evening of entertainment and fun. And we got what we were promised.

*People apparently take Luftbahn seriously as a love song and I guess it does work that way – but only if you’ve never ever seen the official video.

Makes me laugh until I cry every single time.


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