StreetDance 2 (2012)

StreetDance 2
Director: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini
Writer: Jane English
Sequel to: StreetDance 3D
Cast: Falk Hentschel, George Sampson, Sofia Boutella, Anwar Burton, Tom Conti

Ash (Falk Hentschel) dreams of becoming a famous street dancer. But instead he is humiliated by Vince (Anwar Burton) and his unbeaten crew. But a huge Europe-wide dance battle is coming up in Paris and Eddie (George Sampson) who saw Ash’s failure is convinced that they can win it. So Eddie declares himself Ash’s manager and together they drive around Europe collecting talented dancers. When they reach Paris, it’s salsa-dancer Eva (Sofie Boutella) who completes their crew and adds novelty to their routines.

Most dance movies are not particularly good. But even for a dance movie, StreetDance 2 is not great. It’s not as abysmal as Honey 2, but it really ain’t much good, either. So, I apologize because, if there is a StreetDance 3 (3D or not), I’m partly to blame: I saw this film twice. Or actually, I paid for it twice. Heed my warning: playing a dance movie cliché drinking game with this film is only for the very advanced.

So, when I went to see the film the first time, as I said, we made a drinking game of it (every time there was a dance movie cliché, we drank) and I basically passed out after 30 minutes, only coming to five minutes before the end where I saw everything double. I’m not even kidding about this. Or exaggerating. I wish I was; I can usually hold my liqueur. But obviously not that day.

Though I do blame mostly myself for that, the staggering amount of stupidity that went into the making of this film did its share. Starting with the worst round-trip route through Europe (including the country stereotypes the trip came with), the film moves through almost every trope dance movies were ever graced with at the speed of light.

The first 30 minutes were warning enough of that. There was actually no real reason to see the movie a second time – I even could have written this review and would have basically said the same things. But I felt like vodka had cheated me of a couple of good dance scenes and I had time, so I figured that I’d give it another shot.

And there were dance scenes that were mostly very nice. Plus, I very much enjoyed the film that kept popping up over and over again: the passionate love story of Ash and Eddie and how they fight to make their dreams of an international dance career come true. But the best part is Sofia Boutella. Not only does she get really cool choreographies, she’s also extremely hot.

But that is just not enough. This movie desperately needed someone who cared about it, instead of just people who used tired, old formulas over and over again. Pity it didn’t happen.

Summarising: Rest assured that I saw this film enough times for everyone.

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