Lipstick Jungle (Candace Bushnell)

Lipstick Jungle is a novel by Candace Bushnell.

Wendy Healy, Nico O’Neilly and Victory Ford are best friends. All three of them are very successful: Wendy is the head of Paradore Pictures, Nico runs Bonfire Magazine and Victory is a fashion designer. But success isn’t always a blessing, especially not for women. But between work and private problems, what the three of them can always count on is their friendship with each other.

I expected this book to be all fluff and pink and sugar. I was really surprised when it turned out that it wasn’t. While Bushnell takes a look at issues of a very small minority (rich, successful, USAmerican socialite women), it is nevertheless an honest and openly feminist look at their problems. In short, while I could rarely relate to these women, I did understand them and mostly enjoyed reading about them.

My life and the lives of the women in this book have practically nothing in common (apart from the fact that I’m not USAmerican, I’m neither that rich nor that into high society. I’m also too young and not beautiful enough). Their struggles are mostly not mine. Though I could identify with a couple of points she made, that just kept me from really connecting.

Don’t get me worng, I did like the characters and it was interesting to read about their jobs (though the office politics in Nico’s office alone confirmed once again that the corporate world is my personal nightmare). Especially Wendy’s producer perspective was fascinating. Though it really didn’t inspire me to check out the TV show.

It was a quick, nice read. But I just expected something completely different.

Summarising: it’s fine.


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