The Killing Moon (N. K. Jemisin)

The Killing Moon is the first book in N. K. Jemisin‘s Dreamblood Series.

In Guajareeh, magic can be extracted from dreams. The people doing the extracting are the priests of Hananja, the dream goddess. The most specialized of which are the Gatherers who collect Dreamblood from a person’s last dream. Ehiru is the best Gatherer they have, but after a mistake he starts having doubts. These doubts ultimately lead him and his apprentice Nijiri to Sunandi, an embassador from Kisua and a conspiracy that apparently goes all the way up to the Prince of Guajareeh.

I was not particularly impressed with The Inheritance Trilogy and if deadra hadn’t lend me the books of the Dreamblood Series, I probably wouldn’t have read them at all. That being said, I did like The Killing Moon better than The Inheritance Trilogy and better than I thought I would. But I’m still not overly excited about it.

Maybe I keep reading these books because I didn’t really understand why I’m not connecting with them so much. The Killing Moon, too, is well-written and it has an extremely interesting setting and the characters are layered. But after reading it, I just figured it out: I would like my books about gods a little more atheistic and a little more critical of churches/organized religion.

That may sound weird – what I mean is that I don’t really get reverence in general and religious reverence even less and I’m suspicious of worlds were churches are a necessity, as is the case here.

Be that as it may, I liked Ehiru and Sunandi and most of all Nijiri. And the Prince was a fascinating character – Jemisin managed to make his charisma come alive, which is quite impressive.

But in the end that wasn’t enough to make me love it and I just finished the book with a resounding meh.

Summarising: I’ll read the second book, too, but I don’t expect that I will feel much differently about it.

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