Joel Sternfeld: Colour Photographs Since 1970

Joel Sternfeld: Colour Photographs Since 1970 is a current exhibition at the Albertina. The exhibition shows photos by Sternfeld from various eras and work cycles, giving an overview over his work.

I was actually not familiar with Sternfeld’s work before going to the exhibition. In fact, it was a complete coincidence that I ended up seeing it at all. The Albertina had a party event on their terrace that me and B. wanted to check out. The party was pretty goddamn awful, but surprisingly you could wander through the Sternfeld exhibition for free and that’s what we did. [Apparently that’s what happens when I try to party.]

Anyway, I quite liked the photos. He has some very nice landscapes (especially of The Meadows, Northhampton), but the two series I liked the most were photos of places where crimes had happened a while back, in which he showed the mundance places and describes the crimes comitted there and photos of former communes and utopian projects and what (little) remained of them today. It was really interesting.

You can find my favorites below.

[Lake Oswego, Oregon]

[Ruins of Drop City, Colorado]

[Lake Tuendae, Zzyzx, California]

[Gesundheit! Institute, West Virginia]

[That was Lee Harvey Oswald‘s cinema seat.]

[Former Bryant’s Grocery Store where 14-year-old Emmett Till was most gruesomely murdered for daring to call a white woman “baby”]

[Central Park, where Jennifer Levin’s body was found]

[Yoshihiro Hattori, a Japanese exchange student was shot here because he didn’t understand the house owner when he warned him off the property]

[Near Lake Powell, Arizona]

[Meadows, Northhampton]

[A Woman Out Shopping With Her Pet Rabbit]

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