MELPOMENA – LINE IN Yourself 2012

MELPOMENA – LINE IN Yourself 2012 was an event at the Fluc, a mix of live concerts, exhibition and party. First there was a concert from Serbian electro-punk band Ilegalne emocije, then Bosnian duo Basheskia & Edward EQ were playing and then there was a DJ. During all of that there was also a photo exhibition of Branimir Prijak‘s work, called “Monuments of the Revolution” where he photographed monuments all over the former Yugoslavia. [I didn’t know any of these artists before – I went there completely blind, actually not knowing exactly what I had signed up for at all. Adventure!]

Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention to Prijak’s photos. I thought that the idea was very interesting and what I noticed of them, the photos were really cool. But the setting really wasn’t conducive to looking at the photos, I was more in a party mindset (and there’s only so many times I can end up going to an exhibition when I planned to party in three days) and the lighting was actually really bad (which is not surprising as the whole thing took place in a club).

When Ilegalne emocije started playing, my first thought was, “Oh, for fuck’s sake, I’ll have to listen to this crap for an hour? How can I make my excuses and just disappear?” But actually with every minute that passed, I got more into it and by the end I was really enjoying it. It’s loud and basically noise with a bit of a rhythm, but it was fun and somehow pulled you in.

The band consists of two people, Tamara Dinka and Nikola Vitković. Vitković is responsible for the music, Dinka sings most of the songs. Unfortunately I didn’t think she was a particular strong singer and I enjoyed the couple of songs that Vitković sang himself much more.

Well, after this rocky start, where it took me a while to get into the band, I was a bit apprehensive about Basheskia & Edward EQ. But to my own surprise, I was hooked from the first minute they started playing. I fell absolutely in love with them. [And not only because Basheskia has a voice that made my brain melt a little bit.]

Their songs are calm and sexy and absolutely enchanting. And then they played the best Hit Me Baby One More Time cover I have ever heard – and yes, I’m including the Travis cover when I say that. Unfortunately, I can’t find it online.

If I hadn’t started enjoying myself during Ilegalne emocije anyway, it would have been completely worth it just for Basheskia & Edward EQ. [And of course for the friends who brought me there, but that goes without saying.]

In short, it was a pretty cool evening.

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