Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von Goisern is an Austrian folk/rock musician. He did not have a supporting band (which, personally, I appreciated quite a lot).

Admittedly, I don’t know his music very closely, but the things I know I do like, so I thought I’d give a live show a try. And I was very glad I did. He is a real entertainer, his concert was really fun and I did like the music – also the things I didn’t know before. A very nice way to spend an evening.

Hubert von Goisern likes to tell stories during the concert. He does so with a sense of humor and these stories does provide a very nice filler between the songs, especially when they have to exchange instruments – and since he played around 7 different instruments during the show and his band played different things as well, some breaks were rather long.

Sometimes those stories did get a little religious for my taste, but he also told those stories in a rather funny way, so I was quite alright with it. And his cover version of Mercedes Benz was good enough to forgive any religious introduction.

(Song starts 4 minutes into the video.)

But quite apart from the show element, the music was just really good. He played all his big hits – even his first one, Hiatamadl, which I was sure he would have grown tired of at least 10 years ago and therefore not play. He mostly stuck to his newer stuff, though, with which he filled two hours, including two encores.

I think that he got the people in the standing room fired up quite well, but we were sitting all the way in the back and while it was fun, we weren’t really rocking out as much as we probably could have if we had been a little closer and standing.

Summarising: Repetition anytime. But rather standing than sitting.


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