The Trollenberg Terror (1958)

The Trollenberg Terror aka The Crawling Eye
Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: Jimmy Sangster
Based on: The Trollenberg Terror TV show
Cast: Forrest Tucker, Laurence Payne, Jennifer Jayne, Janet Munro, Warren Mitchell
Part of: Viennale

Alan Brooks (Forrest Tucker) meets two young women – Ann (Janet Munro) and Sarah Pilgrim (Jennifer Jayne) – on the train through Switzerland. The two sisters are a psychic act and as they approach Alan’s destination, Sarah feels that they need to get off there, too and convinces Ann. So the three of them check into the local hotel in Trollenberg. But Alan has come for a specific reason: there have been reports of climbers disappearing in the mountains and generally weird occurences – and it’s not the first time that Alan has come into contact with them.

The Trollenberg Terror is a pretty damn awesome film. It’s fun, has pretty good special effects and it really evokes the 50s. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

To be perfectly clear: there are many things that are not great about this movie. You could barely call what the cast did acting, for starters. And there were quite a few plot holes that were covered up by the flimsiest of excuses – so long as you don’t question them too closely, you’re set, though.

But that just made it the better B movie fare and it took away nothing from my enjoyment. In fact, while I was wrapped up in the story and actually did like the characters, it’s always nice when you can laugh about them, too.

The special effects were actually pretty damn good for a movie of its time. The monster didn’t move badly at all and there were some nicely gorey bodies. I was really impressed.

And I just really enjoyed the old-timey vibe that the character’s interaction gave off. There are movies that are as old but don’t feel as deeply set in their time. The Trollenberg Terror is definitely a movie from the 50s. And it’s nice to visit there every once in a while. If you don’t have to stay.

Summarising: Fun.

On a sidenote: this movie might have been a major inspiration for Watchmen. At least it strongly reminded me of the twist in the comics and the monster design was just too close.

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