Mika gave another concert in Vienna, so of course I had to go and see him again. [Here’s my review of the other concert.]

I really love Mika’s music. It’s just so wonderfully colorful and fun and it’s the best thing to listen to when you want to feel happier. It’s a quality that translates perfectly to his live shows and I just left this one again, grinning from ear to ear.

Because of the Viennale, I had to leave his concert a little earlier (or otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to catch Rampart) which was really a shame (especially since the movie then started late anyway). [If they could just get over the whole supporting band thing… they usually are awful, they don’t do anything for the mood and it just drags the whole thing out… But that’s neither here nor there.] At least the way it was timed I got the punny satisfaction of leaving during “Happy Ending.”

And up until when I had to leave, I had a whole damn lot of fun. I sang my heart out, as did my sisters. Despite that (if you don’t know us: we are the most musically challenged family you’ll probably ever meet) Mika did mention that he had rarely heard such an in-tune audience. He credited that to being in Vienna. I credit it to the fact that we were standing in the back and he probably couldn’t hear us.

Even though it took Mika a bit to get started (jet-lag), once the show was underway, it all went great. He grew more and more talkative, talking about his hotel room that apparently overlooked the rehearsal studio of the opera ballet dancers in Vienna, who were a little disconcerted when they saw him standing at his window watching them that morning. Especially since he was still half-naked.

That led to him telling us about growing up vis a vis a hotel in London and starting to watch people have sex at a very young age. Which is a much more charming story the way he tells it than I can do it justice here.

He played a lot of old stuff, especially in the beginning and then moved towards the newer things. Which was generally a very good mix. I also appreciated that he played the French version of Elle m’a dit, instead of the feeling-a-little-forced English translation Emily. He actually said that he wasn’t supposed to play it that way outside France but that he liked it better, which I can understand.

But either way, no matter the song or the version, it was an evening that couldn’t fail to make me happy. I hope he comes back soon.

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