Cinemania (2002)

Director: Angela Christlieb, Stephen Kijak

Cinemania follows five of New York’s most avid movie-goers. And when I say that I mean that their entire life revolves around going to the cinema and watching movies – seeing 3 movies a day being pretty much standard for them – even if it means sacrificing all social contacts or any other activities outside of the cinema.

Cinemania is a really nice film. It is interesting to watch, though I didn’t feel like I learned much about the issue. It is just a slice of the lives of these cinemaniacs. And it was also a nice confirmation that I’m not completely crazy yet.

I go to the movies a lot. People following this blog probably know that (or can guess it at least). But there are only a couple of weeks a year (festival season FTW) where I get even close to what these guys are up to every single day of the year. Which is kind of reassuring when it comes to my own mental state. Less reassuring when it comes to theirs.

But this it is not an in-depth look at the OCD underlying the behavior of these people – in fact, that is a direction the movie doesn’t even pretend to take. There are only a couple of people interviewed who are not cinemaniacs themselves and they all work for cinemas and know the cinemaniacs from there.

I have to admit that I did miss the outsider’s perspective a little bit. But since the five cinemaniacs were pretty charming in their idiosyncratic ways and they seemed perfectly happy most of the time with the way their lives were going, I didn’t mind too much. Instead I just got caught up in the moment with them.

And I really appreciated that we got to see them react to this movie itself. I thought that was a really brilliant idea.

Summarising: Entertaining and sweet.


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