High Road (2011)

High Road
Director: Matt Walsh
Writer: Matt Walsh, Josh Weiner
Cast: James Pumphrey, Dylan O’BrienAbby ElliottRob Riggle, Joe Lo Truglio, Matt Jones, Lizzy Caplan, Rich Fulcher, Ed Helms

After his band splits up, Fitz (James Pumphrey) turns to selling pot full-time, without the knowledge of his girlfriend Monica (Abby Elliott). He spends his days pretty aimlessly otherwise, spending most of his time with Jimmy (Dylan O’Brien), a boy from the neighborhood. When his drug business is  in danger of being discovered, Fitz takes off, taking Jimmy with him.

High Road was bad. Really bad. The acting was incredibly awkward, the story was boring and there was nobody you could actually care about among the characters. It just didn’t work.


teashoe and me, we decided to have a Dylan O’Brien night (in which we were joined by J., who we brainwashed into joining us into the general fangirling and watching Teen Wolf) and watch his filmography (which is quite doable since he’s been in two movies so far). We didn’t actually inform ourselves much about the films, we just started watching.

This is all a very long prelude to say that I didn’t know that this film was entirely improvised, but while watching it I thought that it felt improvised in all of the worst ways: the dialogues were awkward and repetitive, the pacing wouldn’t come together and it just felt stilted.


It didn’t help either that the parts that were given in advance didn’t make much sense or any of the characters made me care much about them. Not even Dylan O’Brien in all his cutesy charm made anything work. [I did enjoy the Rich Fulcher cameo, though that went nowhere either.]

In short, this film was a complete waste of time and we were so bored that we started talking with each other again and again, and were very close to turning it off entirely.


Summarising: No, skip it. Across a lake preferably.

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