Insurgent (Veronica Roth)

Insurgent is the second book in the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. [Here’s my review of the first book, Divergent.]

Plot [with SPOILERS for Divergent]:
Insurgent picks up directly after Divergent: The Erudite have attacked Abnegation and Tris, Four, Marcus, Caleb and Peter are heading to Amity for a safe place to stay. But the Erudite’s attack is just the beginning of an upheaval in their society in which the Divergent have a huge part to play. But Tris doesn’t know what exactly is going on. She only knows that Marcus knows more than he cares to admit.

Insurgent, much like Divergent, is a quick, nice read. But there are also a few things that don’t work too well. In short, it didn’t blow me away but it was rather entertaining.



One thing that seriously bothered me in this book was the “science.” Conflating brain structure with personality is honestly dumb and a trope that always rubs me the wrong way. It should best be forgotten, but it definitely shouldn’t play such an integral part.
[Plus, the way Jeanine decides to lock her office was so incredibly stupid, I wanted to headdesk.]

I don’t know how often I still have to read about the “fence that keeps us safe but what if it actually doesn’t keep the bad out but keeps us in”? Could we please do something new sometimes? The tropey nature of that just meant that the reveal of the Big Bad was kinda disappointing.

And a third thing that was just too cliché: when Caleb chose Erudite in book one, I thought “hello, evil sibling” and I was actually pleasantly surprised that she didn’t follow that road and it turns out that he is a good guy. Right until he betrays Tris in this book. *sigh*

Nevertheless it did end up being tense. And while I could do without a lot of the angst and will probably never be a superfan of the series, I did enjoy it and I’ll continue reading when Allegiant comes out. Though I’m pretty sure I’ll wait for the paperback or borrow it somewhere.

Summarizing: Readable.

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