Re-Read: The Last Dragonslayer (Jasper Fforde)

The Last Dragonslayer is the first book in the Dragonslayer Trilogy by Jasper Fforde. [Here’s my first review.]

Jennifer Strange is in charge of Kazam, a temp agency for wizards who get hired to clean drains or rewire houses. Things are looking dire for them since the magic is slowly disappearing from the world. But then one of them has a premonition – the last dragon on earth will soon die. Which immediately leads to people camping outside his territory, waiting for his death so they can claim his country for themselves. But this is not the only change in the world – and Jennifer is deeper involved than she would have ever thought.

It is frankly amazing – it’s been not that long that I read this book for the first time, but I barely remembered a thing about, apart from liking it. Only a few details. But on second first reading, I might like it even more than the first first reading.


Fforde is just extremely funny. No matter what he touches, he has me cracking up. Here, too.

Jennifer is great. Especially because she makes up her own mind about all things. She accepts nothing at face value. She thinks about everything and she sets out to find out more and then she makes her own decisions about things.

And Tiger Prawns is so amazingly cute. Usually I don’t like precocious children that much, but he’s on the right side of things. And I love his relationship with Jennifer.

The plot is no that great but you barely notice because there are just so many great details to keep you occupied.

Also, I seriously want a quarkbeast.

Summarizing: Looking forward to the next installment.

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