Re-Read: Kick-Ass (Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.)

Kick-Ass is the first book in a comic series by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. [Here’s my first review.]

Dave Lizewski is a huge comic book fan. And one day, he decides to become a superhero himself. Unfortunately, he’s also only a 16-year-old teenager, so things don’t really work out the way he had planned – he gets beaten more than he should probably survive. And then he gets involved with Big Daddy and Hit Girl, two vigilantes par excellence. Which only makes matters worse.

These re-reads always make me question my memory. I could barely remember the graphic novel. (The little I did remember was basically the movie.) But that just meant that I could look at it with a fresh eye. And I think I liked it better for it.


Kick-Ass is still a fascinating take on the whole superhero thing. The way it first deconstructs the genre conventions, to afterwards conform to them but now on extremely shaky ground, is an interesting idea. Though I would have probably gone with a completely different direction, with a superhero that actually builds on the new ground uncovered by breaking down the conventions.

Nevertheless, it is interesting. And it does work, even if I would have done it differently, or rather would have wanted it to end a little differently.

I also liked the characters, though I do think that that is mostly due to the film which takes a little more time to develop them (if I remember correctly. It’s been a while). Dave behaves like an ass pretty often (especially with the girl he has a crush on – that story at least ends the right way), but that’s basically because he’s a teenager and teenagers often are asses. (They’re also sweet and charming, but mostly they’re self-involved and oblivious.)

I did like John Romita Jr.’s artwork better than I did the last time. It’s dynamic and moody, though I still have my problems with some of the character proportions (Big Daddy is too huge, Dave is too small – especially compared with his own father). But it didn’t take over for me.

Summarizing: awesome thing. I’m curious to see how it continues.

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