Dial H Vol. 1: Into You (China Miéville, Mateus Santolouco)

Dial H Vol. 1: Into You collects the first six issues (plus issue 0) of the DC 52 reboot of Dial H for Hero. It was written by China Miéville and drawn by Mateus Santolouco.

Nelson doesn’t have much of a life, a fact that his last remaining friend Darren tries to change. And Nelson’s life does change big time when he stumbles upon Darren getting beaten up. Nelson wants to call for help in a phone booth and dials 4376 – Hero. Out of the phone box comes not Nelson, but Boy Chimney. Nelson discovers that every time he uses the phone box, he becomes another superhero for a while. So he tries to protect Darren – but his beating was not random and things are a little more difficult.

I loved Dial H. It’s smart, it’s funny, but it’s also freaking dark and scary.  And the art is great.


I think that the comic would have been pretty much worth it already, just for the superheroes they come up with. I mean, Boy Chimney is one scary fucker. Seriously, one of the scariest things ever. But most are just really funny. Like Captain Lachrymose. Or Tap Out. How did they even come up with these things?

But the different heroes are far from the only thing that the comic has to offer. I loved Manteau. I loved Squid and his ambivalence.

And I really, really liked the artwork. Just look at Abyss, the big bad in this one:


Or look at Boy Chimney:


And here you can also see the awesome way Miéville handles the dialogues. The superheroes often are pretty alien and it shows in the way they talk. Some of those moments actually gave me goosebumps.

I was a bit confused in the beginning and maybe they took too long to explain a couple of things, but once we got the missing links, the plot was very engaging as well.

Since I loved it so much, so of course, it was cancelled already, after issue 15. I can’t have nice things. But I’ll definitely pick up Vol. 2 to at least get the rest.

Summarizing: it’s fantastic.

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