Allegiant (Veronica Roth)

Allegiant is the final novel in Veronica Roth‘s Divergent trilogy.

Plot [With SPOILERS for everything that has come before]:
After finding out that there is a world outside the fence that always surrounded the city, Tris is dead set on leaving and finding out how they came to be where they are now. Tobias is less convinced that this is a good idea but he, and a few others, goes along anyway. And not only do they find out more about their own history and ancestry they also realize what they have to fight for.

I was not blown away by either Divergent or Insurgent but even with a rather mild interest and not many expectations, I was still let down by Allegiant. I am not exactly sure why I finished it at all.


I think the biggest problem I had with Allegiant was that this time round it was written not only from Tris’ perspective, but also from Tobias’, switching between the two from chapter to chapter. Which is in itself not a problem when it’s done right. Unfortunately Roth’s writing doesn’t change at all, whether she writes from Tris’ point of view or from Tobias’ point of view. And since she writes in the first person, it not only really should reflect the different personalities but it makes the entire thing completely confusing. I don’t know how often I went back to the start of a chapter to check who I was reading from.

[massive SPOILERS follow]

The other thing that really really bothered me was the story’s moral. So, it is evil for the scientist who control the city to wipe the memories of all the inhabitants. I agree. But how is it any less evil to wipe the memory of all the scientist and manipulate them into believing the complete opposite from what they do? What the hell? If that’s the choice your protagonist makes, your purported heroine, it makes her a villain, nothing else.

I know that Roth got a lot of flack for killing off Tris and I honestly don’t understand that. I didn’t see her death coming and it was pretty much the only effective thing in the book. What got on my nerves, though, was Tobias still being a lost puppy made of pain years after her death. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have been sad but all of that was a bit much.

Also, the “science” continued to annoy me. Truth serum, ok. Peace serum, ok. Tris withstanding those because she’s SPESHUL, ok. Death serum, ok. But Tris withstanding a fucking death serum (only to be shot)? I’m sorry, but no. That is that one step to far to still be credible.

All of that just really ruined whatever regard I had for the series before.

Summarizing: Eh. The series can be skipped entirely if you ask me. But especially this book.

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