Über-Ich und Du [Superegos] (2014)

Über-Ich und Du
Director: Benjamin Heisenberg
Writer: Benjamin Heisenberg, Josef Lechner
Cast: Georg Friedrich, André Wilms, Margarita Broich, Maria Hofstätter, Elisabeth Orth

Nick (Georg Friedrich) is in trouble and needs to disappear for a bit. Through a friend he is sent to a house in the countryside that’s supposed to be empty. But when Nick arrives there he finds renouned but very old psychoanalyst Curt Ledig (André Wilms) there. When Nick is mistaken for somebody who is supposed to take care of Curt while he prepares for a big conference, Nick jumps at the chance. Only Curt sees right through him and decides to analyze Nick, in secret. At least at first.

Über-Ich und Du (which btw. is a wonderful pun in German as it means”Superego and You” but also “About Me and You”) is an entertaining film with great leads that runs a little too long (despite not actually being that long).


The movie came out a while ago (I’m so behind on my reviews) which was at a point in time when I hadn’t yet overdosed on psychoanalysis (4 PA exams in 5 months will do that to you). If I’d see it now, I don’t know whether I’d have such an easy time laughing about this film as I did. Because even though it doesn’t take PA that seriously, it is close enough and I just had enough of it to last me a lifetime.

But even if it had been at the height of my allergic reaction to PA, I still would have watched it, because I’d watch pretty much everything with Georg Friedrich. And with good reason. He is awesome, and he’s brilliant as usual in this film. And he worked really well with André Wilms. Watching the relationship of their characters evolve during the film was a joy.

ueberichunddu1The movie moves through various types of comedy and not all worked equally well for me. At times it just got too absurd for my taste – particularly the scene where Nick is buried by Curt was a little too much for my taste. And it was those moments where the movie had lengths.

But most of the time it was very entertaining (and when it wasn’t, I could always look at Georg Friedrich’s costume where all wrongs somehow made a totally right. And of course, I could look at Georg Friedrich in his costume). I loved the balloon travellers and Margarita Broich. Plus, Maria Hofstätter had me in stitches.


Summarizing: makes for a very good evening.

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