Fury (Elizabeth Miles)

Fury is the first book in The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles.

Emily is rather quiet and earnest – the opposite of her best friend Gabby who is bubbly and extroverted. But apart from their friendship, they share one other thing: They are both in love with Zack. Only, Zack is Gabby’s boyfriend. And now Gabby is going on holidays.
In the meantime, Chase hasn’t had it easy in his life. But he knows how to play ball and that is his chance to get finally on life’s better side. But Chase has something else to hide, too, apart from his poor upbringing.
Both he and Emily get visits from three strange but beautiful women who are obviously up to something.

Fury was a quick and engaging read but mostly because I wanted to read a slightly different book and I hoped that this book would still turn into that idea of it I had.There were some things that bothered me, but I still might pick up the rest of the series at some point.


The entire time I was hoping that after the beginning where we got introduced to Chase and Emily, the perspective would switch to the Furies and we’d get to see a little bit of their reasoning why they chose those particular kids to enact their revenge on. Because honestly, with Chase it is clear but with Emily, not so much. I mean, yeah, she fools around with Zack but why that would only mean punishment for her and not for Zack isn’t clear to me. Especially since Zack isn’t in love and manipulated into fooling around with somebody, but is the biggest asshole imaginable. (At least there is an epilogue that shows that Zack gets what’s coming to him after all.)

I also was confused by the fact that the Furies show up before Emily had actually done anything wrong. Also, since there is a hint at the beginning that Emily sees a family resemblance between her and the Furies (though it might have been just between the Furies themselves – in hindsight I’m not sure anymore), I expected that it would turn out that Emily becomes some kind of Fury in training, exacting her first act of revenge on Zack. And since it does end with her having a deal with the Furies, I thought that was a missed chance.

But apart from those issues and some occasional writin blunders, Fury was a nice read, especially for a first novel. And it certainly didn’t turn me off the series as a whole, even if it didn’t make me rush to buy the final two books.

Summarizing: It’s fine but not great.

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