Outer Space (1999)

Outer Space
Director: Peter Tscherkassky
Writer: Peter Tscherkassky
Based on: The Entity
Seen on: 27.03.2015

Tscherkassky re-edited footage from The Entity, transforming it into a psychedelic fight of a woman (Barbara Hershey) against, apparently, her own house. Or is it against the film itself?

Outer Space is a short film and I was glad that it was only a short – I don’t think I could have stomached the kaleidoscopic images, the sound design, the film jumps, the flashing lights for an entire feature. But despite the exhaustion caused by the film, the disorientation is evocative, creating a very unique atmosphere and one that is worth experiencing.

outerspaceSummarizing: it’s work, but it’s worth it. At least if you like experimental film.

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