Sizarr (Support: Vin Blanc/White Wine)

Sizarr are a German band who came to the Arena for a concert. They were supported by Vin Blanc/White Wine.
Seen on: 22.04.2015

I didn’t know Vin Blanc/White Wine before that concert and I have to admit that the concert really didn’t blow me away, either. There was just a weird energy in the room and barely any energy at all on stage.

Listening to them on youtube a bit, I like them better than live, but I don’t think that I’ll be spending much time listening to them any further.

I haven’t known Sizarr very long, either. In fact, it was only when puzzledpeaces asked me whether I wanted to go to their concert that I started listening to them to see whether I did want to go. I immediately liked what I heard (started with Boarding Time), so I was in. And then I listened to them a lot before the concert, and after the concert.

The venue they played at was rather small, but it was full and there was a good atmosphere in the crowd with whom they interacted quite nicely (though their constant reassurances how great an audience we all were made us question how boring Landau, Germany has to be – because the atmosphere was nice, but it wasn’t exceptionally great, I thought).

They have two albums out now and obviously not a huge repertoire of songs, so their show was pretty short, but very nicely paced and I think they played almost all of their songs – I certainly had no complaints about their set list and all my favorites were there.

They are still very young, so I think it will be interesting what they come up with next. But already they show not only promise, but are perfectly entertaining.

Summarizing: Very nice evening.

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