The Unwritten: On to Genesis (Mike Carey, Peter Gross)

On to Genesis is the fifth book (issues 25-30) in The Unwritten series of comics, written by Mike Carey, art by Peter Gross, with additional art by Vince Locke and cover art by Yuko Shimizu.
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Finished on: 26.7.2015

After Wilson’s Death his belongings are set to be auctioned off. Tommy is certain that some of those things will help to shed light on Wilson’s plans. But when he gets involved into the auction things don’t go quite as planned, but at least Tommy manages to get his father’s journals and finds himself seeing the world through his father’s eyes in the 40s. Literally.

The Unwritten continues to be an extraordinary series, even though with the issues collected here, it hit a bit of a snag and doesn’t feel quite as strong as the previous book. But that doesn’t meant that I didn’t enjoy it a lot.


My slightly reluctant feelings about this volume stems from the newly introduced gimmick. Even though, it was really interesting to get Wilson’s backstory and I liked the idea of Tommy being able to bring the past/stories in general to live, the entire extension of his abilities just doesn’t tie in as neatly with the rest of the world as all the other extensions have so far.

But other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever. It is still a smart series, it still has cool art and it is extremely creative. Plus, I really enjoyed Ms. Rausch, even if her character seems to have got a slight update from the last volume with a bit of a different feel to her. No matter, because she continues to be one hell of a creepy person, like I’ve rarely seen anywhere.

I do hope, though, that the next volume picks up a bit more speed again. It feels like this one delivered a lot of set-up – so I expect there to be a huge bang in the next issue. But even if that just continues to build the world, I will be happy.

Summarizing: excellent.


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