Frequency Festival 2015

After skipping the Frequency Festival for a few years (here are my past Frequency reviews), this year the program drew me back in, although only for a day. Puzzledpeaces and me took the train to St. Pölten to enjoy one day of the Festival – basically the light version.

Before we got there, though, I realized that I had forgotten the tickets at home. Stupid print at home tickets that I had in my agenda which I left at home with a smile because I won’t be making any appointments at the festival now, will I. And once you printed print at home tickets, there’s no way to re-download them or anything. Which meant that we spent our first fifteen minutes pleading with a ticket officer and giving her every number we could give her until she relented and printed our day passes for us.

After this exciting start, we only caught about half of Krautschädl‘s set – an Austrian band. I didn’t really know them before, I only knew of them, but puzzledpeaces recommended and she was right to. Krautschädl gave a fun performance, the crowd (still rather thin at this point) was in a good mood and the energy levels were high. Now that’s the way to kick off a festival.

Krautschädl were playing on the middle stage. After they were done, we headed over to the bigger stage, where we grabbed something to eat and drink and listened to Mighty Oaks a bit. They sound like Mumford and Sons, if Mumford and Sons had more than two songs (the slow one and the fast one) [I like Mumford and Sons, don’t get me wrong] and its really enjoyable.

We left the Mighty Oaks to check out The Districts who were playing the smallest stage. Neither of us knew them before and we quickly realized that they really weren’t our cup of tea, so after a couple of songs, we wandered back towards the middle stage where Truckfighters were playing. Since I had listened to them before and didn’t like them and we were both rather tired, we spent their concert in the hammocks, listening from afar (I didn’t start to like them any better). After somebody behind me fell off their hammock and doused me in their beer, though, it was time to move on.

Next up was Jesper Munk (who turned out to be German to my surprise). His music style is rather unusual for the Frequency – a bit of blues, a bit of soul – but that didn’t mean I didn’t like it. I’d only heard a couple of songs before and liked them. I can now say that I liked the rest, too. Munk also has a nice way of interacting with the audience and the atmosphere was generally nice – that always helps.

After Jesper Munk, puzzledpeaces and me shortly parted ways and I went to see Francesca Belmonte, another artist I didn’t know very well before the festival. But I had given her a quick listen and wanted to hear and see more. Her show was really great – awesome energy, awesome voie and awesome music. There is nothing more I could have asked for but more time. Unfortunately I could only listen about 15 minutes before I had to head back to the other stage.

Because there, José González was gearing up to play. I have seen González before, so I knew that his shows are the definition of sweet: good, calm music that makes you think of a nice summer evening. This time he actually brought a band with him and wasn’t alone on stage – which is how I usually saw him. With or without band, though, González provides pure relaxation.

After that we again moved to the bigger stage because Alt-J were about to start playing there. I just saw them this spring and I really enjoyed their concert, so I was very much looking forward to this show. But for whatever reason they were having a really bad day and more than once didn’t hit the notes they were supposed to hit, which was really weird. I mean, the songs are still good songs and they had cool vide installations, but it just wasn’t what it should have been.

After Alt-J we hung around the big stage for a bit to listen to the first few minutes of Major Lazer‘s concert. I honestly had no idea what I was in for with this concert, but I thought it sounded like a eurotrash DJ name – and at least the first few minutes of the concert proved that suspicion right. We didn’t stick around though, because Ellie Goulding was playing on the middle stage. And from my past concert experience with her, I knew that I didn’t want to miss her show at all. Fortunately, here too, I was proved right: her show was awesome and probably my favorite bit of the night. I wouldn’t have minded if it went on much longer than it did.

After Ellie Goulding, puzzledpeaces and me again separated and I headed back to the big stage (yes, there was way too much back and forth during the festival) to see The Chemical Brothers. I saw them before, too, also at a Frequency and I completely loved their show back then, especially the amazing video art. It was quite an experience. So I was excited, even though their newest album is not so much my thing. But I was hoping that they’d play some of the old stuff as well. Unfortunately they mostly played the new stuff. Now, I like that enough that I still enjoyed myself. And the video work was great again as well.

After The Chemical Brothers, it was time to catch our train back to Vienna. It was definitely a good day of concerts, although I didn’t regret that I didn’t stay the entire weekend – maybe I’m too old for this shit, but one great day was definitely enough for me.


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