Everlast is a rapper/singer-songwriter who came to Vienna once more for an acoustic concert, accompanied by Bryan Velasco.
Seen on: 9.11.2015

I saw Everlast a couple of years ago already (and once many, many years before that) and I was really looking forward to seeing him again. This time, his show felt even more reduced and boiled down to the essentials than the last time, but at least equally enjoyable.


This time the concert took place at the Ottakringer Brauerei, an actual beer brewery in Vienna. They have renovated a part of their factory location to house bars and sometimes concert. I had never actually been before, so it was great to finally have a reason to go. While the smell there takes a little getting used to (even for a beer lover like me), the location itself is extremely nice. You have to ascend several staircases, all rather narrow and at weird angles (which unfortunately makes it completely wheelchair inaccessible – I don’t know if there’s another way in) and then you’re in a room that was obviously a work room, with uneven floors, huge bolts and hooks in various corners and huge wooden beams everywhere. It’s all very atmospheric.

The concert then started an hour later than was announced on the ticket, making the crowd a little nervous (when I say crowd… the place is not very big, I guess it was around 300 people maybe? If not less). But once things actually got started, the mood soon mellowed into a calm focus on the music that is rather rare for concerts in my experience. In any case, it was really nice.

The setlist wasn’t much different from the last concert. Since he doesn’t have a new album out, that’s not very surprising and it was/is an excellent setlist, so I didn’t mind at all. He was accompanied by Bryan Velasco on keyboards which did give things a different flavor though. Velasco also sang a song on his own (and probably of his own as well), which was really nice – a Velasco concert would probably be ver nice as well. [Unfortunately I was completely unable to find any video, soundbite or anything of the song or him singing any other song, so you’ll have to take my word for it.]

Everlast himself was a little less chatty than how I remembered him and it actually took him a while to really start to interact with the audience. But once he did, he was there and seemed to be enjoying himself. In short, it was a really great night. I wouldn’t mind seing the same concert again.

Summarizing: Good stuff.

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