Flying Illusion

Flying Illusion
Director: Vartan Bassil
Choreographer: Benny Kimoto, Niranh Chanthabouasy
Music: Ketan Bhatti, Vivan Bhatti
Cast: Flying Steps
Seen on: 12.12.2015

10.000 years ago, the Flying Heroes banished the evil Dark Illusions after an epic (dance) battle. But every 10.000 years, the battle has to be fought anew and the fate of humanity is up for grabs again.

Flying Illusion combines breakdance/HipHop with a light show. While the former is fantastic, the latter is not that impressive. Still, it’s entertaining enough.


The show starts with a prologue explaining the incredibly complex plot. After that there is only dancing which might have been for the better since the plot itself was an amalgamation of clichés and the writing was pretty atrocious. Although there were moments where I couldn’t follow the details of what was happening anymore and where some kind of explanation would have been nice. Especially regarding the gatekeeper(?) and his staff (no pun intended) and their role in the story.

But honestly, I didn’t go see this show for the complex story and I’m pretty sure they didn’t make it to tell the best story ever either. I didn’t even go for the light effects which is a good thing because a lot of them ended up being a little strange like the run through the cube-ish landscape.

flyingillusion1No, I went to see the show for the dancing and that was absolutely fantastic. I was particularly impressed with Rubberlegz (the first really beefed-up contortionist – if you can call him that – I ever saw) and with Minzy. But the entire troupe is strong, each in their own unique way. It’s a pleasure to watch. The music consists mostly of rearranged film music that was HipHopified. It was definitely an interesting approach to scoring the show, although it didn’t always work completely for me.

Despite the weaknesses in the program, the show is a sleek 90 minutes long (no intervals) and manages to keep you engaged. Had it been any longer, I think I would have started to feel a bit frustrated. This way, I enjoyed it throughout even if the tickets were incredibly overpriced.

Summarizing: Not bad, but I don’t think I would spend that much money on it again.

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