Tiere und andere Menschen [Animals and Other People] (2017)

Tiere und andere Menschen
Director: Flavio Marchetti
Writer: Flavio Marchetti, Katharina Mückstein
Seen on: 16.10.2017

The Wiener Tierschutzverein (Viennese Animal Protection Society) is among the oldest and biggest animal shelters in Europe. They not only a house a wide variety of animals – from cats and dogs to chimpanzees – but also treat injured wild animals and occupy themselves with strays. The documentary takes a look at the every day life of the shelter animals and their employees and volunteers.

Tiere und andere Menschen is a nice look behind the scenes of the animal shelter and gives you a lot of insight into just their day to day challenges. I really enjoyed it, but be warned: if you’re a sap like me, you’ll probably want to adopt every single animal they show after the film.

I’ve been a donor to the Wiener Tierschutzverein for years, and as a teenager, we adopted a dog from the shelter, so I was not unaware of what kinds of services they provide. Nevertheless to see the wide variety of challenges and animals they face in such a dense frame was really impressive. They also make clear, though, that only a part of their work is actually about the animals. A lot of it is more about the humans around the animals, exploring their bonds and relationships.

Marchetti manages to pack a lot in the short runtime of the film without making it feel like it’s just a collection of unconnected scenes or making it overwhelming. And while you can feel the sincerity with which they show the importance of shelters and their work, the film doesn’t lack a sense of humor.

But there are also sad moments where it becomes obvious that you can’t save everybody. And that’s never easy to accept and deal with. And as I said, there are so many animals I wanted to adopt after the film (I have two cats and I live in a house with quite a few dogs, it’s not a good idea for me to adopt any more animals, especially since I’m not home a lot and YET).

There’s just one detail that made me very uncomfortable: at one point they show an admission (or adoption?) procedure and read out the complete phone number of the client and I would have preferred it, if they had protected their privacy. ETA (07.10.2018): As you can see in the [German] comment below, I was informed that they actually changed the number in post-production to a number that doesn’t exist, so you can disregard this point.

But if that’s the only fault I can find of the film, you can probably imagine how strong it was.

Summarizing: Really sweet.

2 thoughts on “Tiere und andere Menschen [Animals and Other People] (2017)

  1. Vielen Dank für deine schöne Kritik! Du sollst bitte wissen, die Telefonummer wurde in der Tonmischung komplett veändert und die Nummer, die im Film vorkommt, existiert überhaupt nicht. Danke und liebe Grüße. Flavio Marchetti

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