Wrought Gothic and Other Scenes (Steph Swainston)

Wrought Gothic and Other Scenes is a collection of moments, scenes and vignettes that are part of the Fourlands Series by Steph Swainston.
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Finished on: 29.1.2017

Wrought Gothic collects various glimpses into the background of the Fourlands in differing forms. There are some outtakes, a few descriptions from a tour guide, a history essay by Simoon, and a look at Jant’s past.

Wrought Gothic and Other Scenes provides us with some nice background information of the world of the Fourlands and some of its characters, but not everything worked all that well for me. Still, as a supplement of this complex world, it was nice.

This collection of various tidbits clearly wasn’t made with an overarching concept in mind, although there are three travel guides and three Hacilith scenes with Jant that do belong together. At times, it did feel too disjointed for me, even if I couldn’t have expected more connection between these scenes.

I have to admit that it was the travel guides I struggled with most. They just weren’t that interesting to me. Maybe because they didn’t really have a narrative and since my mind isn’t all that visual, long descriptions of places don’t really produce an image for me – which I think is what should happen with those scenes. Although they did include some nice info here and there.

What I liked best were the three scenes in Hacilith with Jant and Debrah, giving a bit more info about Jant’s life before the Circle.

I also enjoyed Simoon’s report, but I was a bit irritated by how he references Jant in it. Of course, for the readers who know Jant, it’s nice, but at the same time, it didn’t make sense to me why Simoon would make those references when he’s writing a more general history piece.

Summarizing: Probably a collection more for completionists of the series than a necessary addition, but it’s not bad.

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