Editors played a show in the Gasometer in Vienna.
Seen on: 18.4.2018

I’ve seen Editors play a couple of times already and even though I haven’t been listening to their music all that much recently, it’s become almost a tradition that * and I head to their shows every few years. And as usual, their show was really good.

We missed the supporting band October Drift but didn’t mind that. Instead we came just before the Editors came on stage and played their wonderfully long show. They really packed a lot into it with a nice mix of songs, both old and new, managing to both make me get more into their new album, Violence, and to remind me of most of my old favorites.

Even when those old favorites meant that the show became very familar (like their Papillon live version – although admittedly that one might become longer every year), the atmosphere was great, there was a lot of singing along and dancing.

It was one of those concerts where I left and just wanted to continue listening to their music and making me wonder why there was a time when I stopped listening to them that intensely. When they come back, I’ll make an effort to be there again.

[Sidenote. You can hear some heckling in the video below, I don’t remember hearing that at all – I probably stood too far in the back. It’s just rude and doesn’t reflect my experience of that show at all.]

Summarizing: great show, lovely evening.

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