Ocean Light (Nalini Singh)

Ocean Light is the second novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity Series (or the 17th novel of the Psy-Changeling Series) by Nalini Singh.
Finished on: 3.8.2018
[Here are my reviews of the other books in the Psy-Changeling series.]

Much of the world believes Bowen Knight to be dead. But he has been hidden with the BlackSea changelings where he is recuperating. At least as much as one can recuperate with a degrading chip in one’s brain that is pretty sure to kill you. Kaia Luna is also hiding in the BlackSea compound, but for her own reasons. She now works as a chef for the changelings and has a good life. She really doesn’t need a dying human to make her life more complicated. Or does she?

This far into the series I probably can’t say much about it that I haven’t said before. Ocean Light in any case delivers what the previous novels promised and delivered as well. The dynamic and structure hardly change, but since that’s what I read these novels for, I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I enjoy it.

The book cover in a golden color scheme, showing the silhouettes of a man and a woman, a lot of water and a bit of Venice.

Bowen and Kaia follow the in this series usual couple dynamic. It is on a slightly more accelerated schedule here, though, and that is not necessarily something that I appreciated. Even the normal pace is very fast for my taste, and here we’re talking like hours until they know that they are pretty much made for each other. This ties in with my usual qualms about the mating bond (to have a material confirmation of the trueness of your one and only love is nice, but really, it runs counter pretty much everything about love and how it works that I know to be true). But hey, I can deal with that and have definitely learned to mostly let go of my doubts about the concept. At least while I’m reading. In any case, Bowen and Kaia work as a couple. Individually, Bowen works a little better than Kaia, but both were likeable and easy to get invested in.

While there were many things about the plot that went down exactly as I expected it to go down, there were a couple of things that did surprise me. Like [SPOILER] Hugo being Trey [/SPOILER]. There were novels in the series that were tighter in their plotting, but hey, if you ask me, that’s pretty secondary anyway.

I really enjoyed the closer look at BlackSea and how they are organized. We’ve heard much about them so far and met quite a few members, but now we have an impression of their social order (it’s not particularly surprising that they work like a lot of other changeling packs).

So, Singh delivers again on what I have come to expect from the Psy-Changeling series. I’ll definitely be there, reading the next one.

Summarizing: Well, if you’ve read this far in the series, you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t, you should start with Book one.

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