Road to You (Barbara Ankrum)

Road to You is a novel by Barbara Ankrum, the third book in the Band of Brothers series.
[I got this book from a LibraryThing Early Reviewer Give-Away.]
Finished on: 6.11.2018

Gemma is a reporter, an investigative journalist. So when she is sent to Marietta, Montana to write a fluff piece about the rise in marriages there, she feels punished. But she knows that she has to deliver or risk her job, so off she goes to do her best regardless. When she meets Noah, who used to be a Navy SEAL together with the groom of the next marriage in Marietta, he seems like a charming, albeit distracting way to get up close and personal with the wedding. But Gemma soon realizes that there is something Noah is hiding. And how can she not try and find out what that is?

Road to You is a nice, quick comfort read. Nothing much will surprise you here, and that’s really not what you want from it anyway. There were a couple of things that didn’t work so well for me, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Road to You is the second book in a spin-off series and I have to admit that this made reading it at times a little difficult for me, as I don’t know the other books: it felt like every couple of pages a new character showed up that the story treated as an old acquaintance that I should be welcoming with open arms whereas I needed an introduction first. (Which is why I usually don’t read series out of order.)

But I am a sucker for the PTSD love interest trope, I will admit that, and Noah is generally a very nice character, though there was a tad much USA! USA! here, always a risk when you read books about (ex-)soldiers. Gemma was also fine, although she remained a little flat.

There were a few tropes that didn’t play as well for me: the repeated “there just aren’t any women like you” was annoying. And I did wish that the story had taken more time, both in the sense that Noah and Gemma hadn’t fallen quite as fast as they did and in the sense that the book could have lasted a little longer, fleshed things out a little more.

But despite these gripes, I honestly enjoyed Road to You. It was a perfectly fluffy, comforting read – just what I want from a romance novel. And it has a nice sense of humor that rounds things off very nicely. It may not be the book of the century, but it’s cute, sweet fun.

Summarizing: Entertaining.

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