Blood and Magic (Melissa Sercia)

Blood and Magic is the first novel in the Blood and Darkness Series by Melissa Sercia.
Finished on: 12.1.2019
[I won the third novel in the series in a librarything Early Reviewer give-away and received a complementary copy of the first two novels.]

Content Note: racial slur(s)

Gray has been a Dhampir for 400 years now and she still resents that she was turned against her will. The last three years she has spent in a coma – and when she finally wakes from it, she realizes that it was her lover Dragos who put her under. And he is now working with the Consilium to create a new hybrid demon. Gray can’t let that happen. So she and her best friend Valentina gather their allies and prepare to fight back.

Blood and Magic has some nice ideas, but neither the writing style nor the pacing really worked for me. Since this is a debut novel, there is hope that things will be better in the following installments.

The book cover showing a dark-haired woman with a glowing red orb in one hand and a sword in the other.

Sercia writes in short, simple sentences that feel a little disjointed, meaning that there is no real flow to the language and with that to the story itself. I had a little trouble getting into it and I’m pretty sure that it was part of the bigger problem: the entire thing felt incredibly rushed. It is rare that novels are too short, but this one would have needed to step of the gas every once in a while and take its time to develop the plot, the characters and the world it presents much more.

Especially since there are good ideas here – an interesting mix of classic mythology and also everything that is hot right now in urban fantasy as a genre. I do believe that there is more that could have been made out of the concepts – if only there had been the time to look at those things. But most of the time, I just felt like I didn’t have enough information – and not in the sense that there were things that would be revealed later, but in the sense of “I don’t really know what all of this means“.

That the slur g***y is constantly thrown around didn’t make things better either. It was entirely unnecessary and not even used as an insult by evil characters, but just as a descriptor, basically. It is 2019. This really shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Well, I guess, we’ll see what the rest of the series brings, since I promised a review of the third novel. But so far, I’m not sold.

Summarizing: I can’t really recommend it.

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