Jane, Unlimited (Kristin Cashore)

Jane, Unlimited is a novel by Kristin Cashore.
Finished on: 26.1.2019

Jane was raised by her Aunt Magnolia, a deep sea photographer. But Magnolia has gone missing on her last field trip in the Antarctic, and now Jane is at a loss. She has recently finished school and dreams of designing umbrellas as art. When new acquaintance Krian invites Jane to visit her family’s estate Tu Reviens, Jane recalls Magnolia making her promise that if she ever received an invitation to Tu Reviens, she’d go. With nothing holding her back, Jane packs her things and goes. But what waits for her there, she could have never predicted.

I’m a big fan of Cashore’s Graceling Realm novels, so I was curious to read Jane, Unlimited, the first thing she published that isn’t connected to that world. Would I love it as much as those novels? The answer is, yes. Holy shit, yes. Jane, Unlimited became an instant favorite.

The book cover showing an abstract design in metallic-purple shininess.

Slight SPOILERS follow. If you want to go entirely unprepared, just know that I loved the book and you should read it.

Jane, Unlimited started life as a Choose Your Own Adventure novel that turned into a multiverse story. The CYOA beginning can still be felt in the way the novel is written and I found that to be utterly charming.

The story separates into five paths and each path is cool in its own way. Art Heist has probably the cutest ending (Ivy & Jane forever!). Spy Story is completely out there and so much fun. The House is super, super, super creepy! Winnie the Pooh, the house, the slow giving up on everything, it gave me goosebumps. Mulitverse is fun and gives us more of Ravi and Jane and Jane which I enjoyed. Through the Painting was the first story option I saw and the last she went for, and it was absolutely cool and a good final entry with Steen and Magnolia and Ivy.

So there is something there for every taste, probably, and each part of the story drew me in in its own way. They are all fantastically written, so that works out, too.

Plus, Jane is bisexual with both a man and a woman as potential love interests, but really, this is a WLW romance at heart and I am so here for it. As I’m simply here for the entire book. I am literally and thoroughly excited about it.

Summarizing: Fantastic.

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