Balthazar (Support: Faces on TV)

Balthazar played a concert in Vienna. Their support was Faces on TV.
Seen on: 19.2.2019

Faces on TV I was not overly familiar with before but he had a good energy on stage and definitely won me over. Balthazar played a really nice show, too, with a good mix of music – a very satisfying concert night, despite a rather uncomfortable moment in the audience interaction.

The band Balthazar, consisting of five white guys, standing in a narrow back alley.

I had been listenting to Faces on TV rather casually before the concert and knew a few songs, but I was rather surprised that he was alone on stage (he mentioned that his keyboarder had to take care of her cat and therefore wasn’t there, but it appears that he is mostly a one-man-show in any case). He was definitely proof that a person and their loop pedal can sound like an entire band. And he also had the energy of an entire band, making it really fun to watch and dance along.

Balthazar is one of my recent musical discoveries, but one I had been listenting to rather intensely before the concert and I was really looking forward to it. Fortunately their concert didn’t disappoint – it was a long show with a good mix of songs (although they did not play my favorite Throwing a Ball, unfortunately).

It was particularly impressive to watch one of them (Tijs Delbeke, I think) who just kept getting out one instrument after another to play – and play well. As a person who couldn’t even manage to play one instrument half-way decently, it was absolutely awesome.

There was just one moment that made me very uncomfortable – they, especially Maarten Devoldere, kept flirting with a young girl in the audience, but in a very creepy way. Wondering whether she was even old enough to attend the concert and jokes like that. And a little later, Devoldere came from the stage to walk through the audience and kissed her on the way. And I’m pretty sure that she loved that moment, but damn, going from “are you even old enough to be out at night” to “who cares, I’ll kiss you” in a few minutes is just absolutely creepy as fuck.

Apart from that, though, I did enjoy myself and the concert and had a really good time. I’d definitely go to another of their concerts.

Summarizing: a very nice concert.

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