Those Goddamn Hippies (Support: Anja Om)

Those Goddamn Hippies played a concert in Vienna. Their support was Anja Om.
Seen on: 30.5.2019

Anja Om was another supporting singer I hadn’t heard of before, and I’m afraid that she wasn’t so much my cup of tea. But Those Goddamn Hippies were great and played a really nice concert, despite some technical issues.

A single guy in a scarf standing next to the danube in the sunset.
Those Goddamn Hippies’ Tom Marsh

Anja Om is obviously an excellent musician – she knows her stuff and her singing was impeccable. She even led the small crowd (I’d say around 50 or max 100 people attended the concert) in an a capella session which is a brave move and worked very nicely. But her music just didn’t work that well for me. It just wasn’t to my taste.

Those Goddamn Hippies struggled with technology a little during the show and when stuff just doesn’t work, it can get tiring and frustrating quickly. But they managed to keep up the good atmosphere anyway and got through it all nicely.

The most important part is their music in any case and that is just simply really good. They played all of their songs, I think (they don’t have that much material yet) and it just was a pleasure to watch and hear them. I had a really good time at their show.

Summarizing: Very nice.

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