Tamino (Support: Listen to Leena)

Tamino played a concert in the WUK in Vienna with Listen to Leena as his support.
Seen on: 10.5.2019

I didn’t know Listen to Leena before the concert, but I did enjoy the introduction here with only frontwoman Leena Lucia. But the main reason for me to be there was Tamino. I had been obsessively listening to his music for months, so when he finally came for a show in Vienna, of course I had to be there. And his show was wonderful, albeit short.

The head of singer Tamino, wrapped in a fur blanket.

As I said, I didn’t know Listen to Leena before the concert and actually at the show, it wasn’t the entirety of the band Listen to Leena, but only frontwoman Leena Lucia playing. But I really enjoyed her music and she had a good presence on stage, making me absolutely curious to listen to more of her stuff.

My expectations for Tamino were pretty high – I was not joking when I said that I had been listening to his music obsessively. And damn, he absolutely fulfilled them. Not only on a technical level (as far as I can tell), although that is impressive enough – he doesn’t exactly have easy songs – but overall: it was a beautiful concert. To my surprise, it was the deep parts that drew my attention more when he sang live – with his records, it was the high parts that had me first.

There was some awkwardness in his interaction with the audience (“You have a … pretty city.”) but he somehow always managed to push the awkward into charm (“I’m trying to think of something in particular that I liked but I can’t. It did leave an impression though.”). And the most important thing is the music anyway.

I did miss some of my favorites (Each Time and Sun May Shine) which was not only sad because he didn’t play them, but also because the concert was rather short, not even an hour long. But possibly he would have needed his band for those songs (like with So It Goes) – he, like Lucia Leena, was alone on stage.

In any case, I could have listened to him for 5 to 17 more hours, so I would have probably also felt that the concert was too short if it had been 2 hours long. It just left me wanting more – I hope he comes back to play soon.

Summarizing: Beautiful.

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