Clara Luzia

Clara Luzia [German link] played a concert in Vienna.
Seen on: 28.5.2019

Clara Luzia played in the Chelsea which does not have a great layout for concerts and I was there only shortly before the concert, so I only got a pot basically around the corner from the stage. Apart from that though (and that of course isn’t Clara Luzia’s fault), it was a really nice concert.

Clara Luzia holding up a cat.

Clara Luzia was a lot more rock playing live than I would have guessed from her records. Also a lot more danceable – and I definitely enjoyed both. And I also really enjoyed her cover version of It’s a Sin. She generally played a good mix of songs, I thought, including all of my favorites.

And she herself was absolutely delightful. When she talked between songs she as like sueprcute. She said of herself that she isn’t good with that kind of stuff, but that is obviously untrue. Really charming and funny – it’s not everyday I laugh out loud at a concert.

Overall simply a really great show!

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