Zu der Zeit der Königinmutter [At the Time of the Queenmother] – DNF

Zu der Zeit der Königinmutter
Director: Philipp Hauß
Writer: Fiston Mwanza Mujila
Cast: Sven Dolinski, Markus Hering, Simon Jensen, Gertraud Jesserer, Mirco Kreibich
Seen on: 6.6.2019

The New Jersey Bar has seen better days, probably, at some point. But now it is a place of ill repute with a band of regulars and little else. Until a new guest (Mirco Kreibich) shows up and brings with him the opportunity to hear and tell new and old stories.

I’ll keep this short because I don’t think I have ever seen a play that I found so little access to as this one. I’m not a theater expert, but I have seen my fair share of plays and I did enjoy quite a few of them, but with this play, I simply understood nothing. I didn’t get the humor (except for the bear that was just sitting in a corner), nor the plot, nor what the play was trying to say. After seeing two thirds and understanding nothing, we decided to call it a day and left early. No regrets.

The cast, including a small band, standing in front of a huge pink curtain.

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