Muted (2014)

Director: Rachel Goldberg
Writer: Brandi Nicole Payne
Cast: Chandra Wilson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Brandi Nicole Payne, Danièle Watts, Tara Tomicevic, Ross McCall, Jorge-Luis Pallo
Seen on: 15.6.2019

Content Note: (critical treatment of) racism

The Gladwells – mother Lena (Chandra Wilson), father Curtis (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and their daughters Cara (Brandi Nicole Payne) and Crystal (Danièle Watts) – are living a normal life. Until Crystal suddenly disappears, and her family has to struggle to get even a shred of attention from the media and the police.

Muted carries quite a punch. Tackling racism, it makes not only a plain, strong and effective statement about the horrific state of things, it also lets you feel the emotional weight of that truth, especially thanks to Chandra Wilson and her performance. It’s a film that doesn’t let go of you easily and will probably make you shed a tear or two (I certainly did). Utterly recommended.

The film poster showing Lena (Chandra Wilson) peering out her window with tears in her eyes.

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