Scar (Alice Broadway)

Scar is the final novel in the Skin Books trilogy by Alice Broadway.
Finished on: 23.7.2019
[Here are my reviews of the other books in the trilogy.]

Leora has returned from Featherstone to Saintstone, only to find herself captured by Mayor Longsight. As the rift between the two villages and communities grows ever bigger, Leora becomes a symbol for both of them, while desperately trying to keep either from inflicting any more damage on each other. And she should also protect the people she loves and who love her – even if she isn’t too sure who that may be.

Scar is a nice finish to the trilogy, even if it felt a little hurried. It may be the weakest of the three novels, but it works.

The book cover that is covered in purple tattoo-like markings, showing two birds, a snake, a fox, butterflies and a girl in white instead of red, stretching her arm toward one of the birds.

I don’t know if they were in a hurry to publish this installment of the trilogy, but I thought that things moved very quickly in the story – some events just wanted a little more time. And on a meta-level there were more typos in the book than necessary. This seems to also point towards the fact that they didn’t have all the time they would have needed for the novel.

The book has some very nice fairy tales again and they work very well. And I also liked the characters for the most part, though I felt that there was absolutely no chemistry between Leora and Oscar – they were cute in an entirely perfunctory way. I also wanted more Obel. And at the end, I didn’t understand Gull anymore. Her character development was too sudden. At least I can say that I thought Mel was great, without any buts.

Overall, I was content with the ending of the series we got in Scar, even if it wasn’t the best book in the trilogy. Endings are hard, and Scar may not surpass expectations, but it fulfills them.

Summarizing: Nice.

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