A Conjuring of Light (V.E. Schwab)

A Conjuring of Light is the third and final novel in the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab [aka Victoria Schwab].
Finished on: 31.7.2019
[Here are my reviews of the other books in the series.]

The magic tournament is over, but the troubles for Lila, Kell, Rhy and Alucard are not. When Osaron crosses over from White London to Red London, he becomes a threat to not only the four of them, but to all of London. It seems that the only person who can help them stop him is Holland. But whether Holland will do so, is another question entirely.

The Shades of Magic trilogy so far has been a mediocre thing for me – good enough to keep reading it, not good enough to make me really excited. A Conjuring of Light is probably the best novel in the trilogy and kept me turning the pages.

The book cover showing the shape of a man in a cape walking through a black, white and red background.

It is a rare thing indeed that the final novel in a trilogy is actually the best, but it is definitely the case here. It’s a satisfying ending to the trilogy, but while it does do a good job, tying up loose ends, it’s not all it does – there is still a whole lot excitement and new stuff going on in the novel as well. And it definitely had me glued to the pages, desperate to know what would happen next.

Emotionally I was absolutely with the novel. It helps that we finally get to see Kell and Lila together, and Rhy and Alucard. That was a long wait until that point. And Holland’s story was pretty heart-breaking. I also really enjoyed getting to kow Rhy’s parents better.

After A Conjuring of Light, I wouldn’t mind to return to the series at some point, but it does give us a satisfying ending that would make a return to the world a bonus and not a must. And that is definitely a good thing.

Summarizing: satisfying.

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