All the Birds in the Sky (Charlie Jane Anders)

All the Birds in the Sky is a novel by Charlie Jane Anders.
Finished on: 18.9.2019

Patricia discoverst that she has magical abilities when she is just a child, while Laurence has an uncanny way with technology. United in being outsiders in their school, the two become friends. But their friendship doesn’t last. It is only when both are adults that life or maybe fate pushes them together again. It appears it is up to them to stop the end of the world. Or maybe to bring it about.

All the Birds in the Sky is a wonderful mix of magic and technology with great characters. In short, it’s a really great read.

The book cover showing the title in big letters on a dark blue background with stars. Several swallows in different flying positions cover the page and the letters partly.

It is rare enough that a novel embraces both science fiction and fantasy in the way that this book does – by having them both exist equally. I really enjoyed that mix. But it is far from the only thing that the book has to offer. We get so many ideas crammed into this one book, it feels like Anders could have filled 10 books.

And it’s just a really good read – the kind of book you really don’t want to put down because you just gotta know what happens next. And that despite the fact that the story itself takes place over many years (another thing that worked really well for me). So often, page-turnery books don’t manage to keep the tension at the end or simply have bad endings, but in this one, I really loved the ending. It fit the story so very well (and that is much rarer than you might think).

To perfect things here, I really liked both Patricia and Laurence and the book was simply incredibly funny. This is even more impressive because funny books often have a hard time with me (and vice versa).

I had heard good things about Anders and her books, but it is really nice when those good things are actually confirmed. With All the Birds in the Sky, she pretty much hooked me for her other books.

Summarizing: awesome.

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