LOL (2012)

Director: Lisa Azuelos
Writer: Lisa Azuelos, Kamir Aïnouz
Remake of: LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (2008)
Cast: Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Douglas Booth, Lina Esco, Ashley Hinshaw, Gina Gershon, Ashley Greene, Adam Sevani, Jay Hernandez, Thomas Jane
Seen on: 13.10.2019

Lola (Miley Cyrus) lives with her single mom Anne (Demi Moore). The two have been close, but since Lola has grown up more, they have grown further apart. Lola is busy with her friends in any case. After learning that her boyfriend cheated on her, she realizes that she may actually have feelings for her best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth) – and vice versa. But things are complicated when you’re young and in love. Or when you’re older and in love, as Anne has to figure out her love life as well. But most of all, Lola and Anne need to figure out how to be mother and daughter again.

LOL is a nice film. Not amazingly good, but good enough to watch in any case, especially if you like mother-daughter stories.

The film poster showing Anne (Demi Moore) hugging Lola (Miley Cyrus), with several party stills of Lola's around them.

I haven’t seen the original French film this is based on (and which is also by Lisa Azuelos), but it felt rather obvious to me that this isn’t your classical USAmerican film and story. I mean, teenagers who smoke weed, drink and fuck just like that? That’s just not done in those films, usually, unless it’s to make a dramatic point.

In any case, Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore make for a good mother-daughter pairing. Douglas Booth was also pretty good, but since the film is much more about Lola and Anne than Lola and Kyle he just doesn’t play that much of a part.

Lola (Miley Cyrus) hugging her best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth) in Paris.

And to be honest, I thought that this was a good thing because the drama with Kyle or rather the relationship between Kyle and Lola had me rolling my eyes a lot. I’d rather have the mother-daughter drama (that was also a little dialed up, to be fair).

The film has an off-beat sensibility, which is rather enjoyable. But at times it is actually off-beat and the pacing just doesn’t always work. Overall, it was nice, but not much more. Watchable, but if you don’t see it, you’re not missing much.

Lola (Miley Cyrus) talking to Anne (Demi Moore) as they sit on the bed.

Summarizing: okay.

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