Ankathie Koi (Support: Maraskino)

Ankathie Koi [German link] had a concert in Vienna. Her support was Maraskino.
Seen on: 7.12.2019

Ankathie Koi is a wonderfully unusual musician and her show (that unbeknownst to me was actually her album presentation) was a perfect reflection of that. I also enjoyed Maraskino – really the perfect opening act.

Ankathie Koi dressed in a red spandex suit, sticking out her tongue.
Ankathie Koi

Maraskino played quite a show, with a lot of energy, perfectly geared to warming the crowd up and also a great fit in his own unusual way for Ankathie Koi later. I have rarely see an opening act that complements the main act so nicely. I’m unsure whether his music is the kind I’d listen to at home, but I am convinced I’d enjoy watching him live again.

Ankathie Koi has huge charisma – more than stage-filling to say the least. Her presence on stage and her energy in the concert are pretty amazing. With her attention-grabbing costumes and mannerisms, it’s easy to overlook, but she is also a fantastic musician and proved over and over again in the course of the evening that her voice is simply fantastic – all the while having people dancing and partying.

That her concert was her album release show meant that there were long thanks and stuff like that which I will admit were less entertaining than the music bits. But she more than made up for it by playing extra long and just being the cool person she is. The atmosphere was entirely great and I bounced out of the concert venue at the end of a satisfying night.

Summarizing: An awesome concert!

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