An Ocean of Minutes (Thea Lim)

An Ocean of Minutes is a novel by Thea Lim.
Finished on: 12.12.2019

There’s a deadly flu going around. The treatment is difficult and expensive. When Frank becomes ill, his girlfriend Polly has to take desperate measures to save him – she signs a contract to work for a company as a bonded laborer some years in the future. They will pay for Frank’s treatment and Polly and Frank can meet again in 12 years in Galveston. Only that Polly finds herself sent another five years into the future, and Frank isn’t in Galveston anymore.

An Ocean of Minutes is a beautifully written book with interesting world-building that I enjoyed a whole lot, despite its sadness.

The book cover showing water, and in the distance, a shadowed head.

Most of the time, I read books because I heard about them or because they were recommended to me by someone (word of mouth just works, what can I say). This was one of the rare cases where I stumbled upon a book by chance in a bookstore, and got very lucky with it.

An Ocean of Minutes is a beautifully written, vibrant book with cool world-building that made me root for Frank and Polly so very hard. I was completely with Polly here – her desperation, but also her continued belief and hope. And I also loved Donna.

I was a little sad, given the romantic nature of the book, that there wasn’t a HEA at the end of the book. [SPOILERS] I would have liked it if the two had finally gotten to live the life that they had envisioned at first, instead of finding each other and finding that too much time had passed, too much had changed. But at the same time, I also did like this sad ending. [/SPOILERS] Undoubtedly, the ending we got is the more realistic version of how this story could and would end.

In any case, whether you like the ending or not, it is a quick and very fine read and now you’ve heard word of mouth about it and don’t need to stumble on it by chance anymore.

Summarizing: Lovely.