Editors (Support: Whispering Sons)

Editors played a concert in Vienna with the support of Whispering Sons.
Seen on: 7.2.2020

I’ve seen Editors a couple of times now and they’re always good. This time was no exception. What was an exception, though, is that I actually knew the supporting band, Whispering Sons, and love at least one of their songs. In short, it was a very enjoyable evening of music.

Photo of the band consisting of five white men.

Whispering Sons popped up in my Discovering Weekly a while ago, and Alone is a fantastic song that I absolutely love. I listened to their other stuff as well a little more extensively before the concert, but I didn’t get into it as much as Alone. So it was a great coincidence that we walked in as they were finishing a song and the next song they played was Alone. It was an absolute pleasure to hear it live, though what struck me most was the difference between singer Fenne Kuppens’ singing voice – and her speaking voice. It was only afterwards that I realized for the first time that she is a woman.

Editors are on a Best Of Tour right now and damn, they have a lot of material – their show made that obvious again. They put together a nice mix of their various albums and brought all their big hits. I think it’s the first time I saw a show of theirs where Papillon was not part of the encore, but of the regular show.

Their entire show is a well-oiled machine: they start at precisely 21.00, they finish the encore at precisely 22.45, they work their way through the set in an utterly professional manner. You can tell that they’ve been doing this for (almost) twenty years. And yet, unlike other bands that have been at it for a long time, it doesn’t feel like they are just sticking to a program and don’t care where they are or that they are on stage at all – even though there isn’t much interaction with the audience. It still feels like they’re having fun with it. Whether that’s the case or not, I really can’t say, but that’s my impression.

They had nice and very colorful lighting, drenching the stage in pretty much every color of the rainbow, which I enjoyed as well. Less enjoyable was the fact that the audience was a little restless, especially during the more quiet parts. Maybe because I was standing rather in the back, but that was a little annoying – through no fault of the band. Fortunately, it didn’t really diminish my overall very good impression of the concert.

Summarizing: Excellent.

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