lilly among clouds (Support: OSKA)

lilly among clouds played a concert in Vienna with the support of OSKA.
Seen on: 28.2.2020

lilly among clouds drifted into my Discover Weekly, and I was immediately taken with her music. So when she brought out a new album and made a tour stop in Vienna, I knew I had to be there. And her concert really didn’t disappoint – it was a great evening.

A photo of the singer with her hair tied back in front of a pink background.
lilly among clouds

OSKA is a young singer-songwriter from Austria. I was vaguely aware of her before her supporting show here, but not really. I also didn’t realize that she would be the opening act, or I might have listened more to her music. In any case, her music is absolutely lovely and I’m looking forward to her releasing more of it. She also has a nice presence on stage, and despite the fact that there were only like 50 people there, the mood was really good. Maybe because like half of the audience was personal friends with her, but I assume more because her music is really good.

lilly among clouds is also a young singer-songwriter, but from Germany. Her music is emotional and great and I totally fell in love with it. Seeing her perform live was also really cool. Not just because it was a great show, but also because it shifted my perspective on her music a little. Up until now, I mostly saw the prettiness of her music, but watching her life, I heard the grittiness in it much more. And in case that isn’t clear: that’s an absolute compliment! It gives her music more texture and let’s the listener dig deeper on an emotional level. Not that I wasn’t feeling it before, it just got a new quality.

And it appears that her wordiness is infectious – she didn’t talk between all of the songs, but when she did, she talked a lot – in an extremely charming way. I hope that never changes. There is something incredibly endearing about her brand of being a little awkward. She just seemed to have so much fun performing, it made it impossible not to have fun with her.

In short, I really enjoyed myself – I could sing along, I could dance and during the calmer songs especially, things got very emotional. That’s how I like my concerts.

Summarizing: Awesome.

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