Saga – Volume 5 (Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples)

Saga is a comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Volume 5 collects the issues 25-30.
Finished on: 18.3.2020
[Here are my reviews of the other volumes.]

Dengo is still holding Alana, Klara and Hazel prisoner, as well as Prince Robot IV’s son. He has his own plans for Hazel – plans that involve the Last Revolution. Meanwhile, Marko, Prince Robot IV, Ghüs and Yuma are going after them, hoping to be able to find them in the hugeness of the universe. And Gwen, Sophie and The Brand are busy trying to get the cure for The Will.

I took a longer break between reading Volume 4 and Volume 5 just to make things last a little longer. But that hasn’t cooled off my absolutely euphoric reaction to the entire series. It’s still fantastic.

The cover showing Sophie and Gewn cowering in a dragon's mouth.


It was only when I wrote the plot summary that I realized how much Volume 4 put into motion that is now finally playing out in Volume 5. It feels much more like a chapter ending now – though definitely not the story. At least, finally, Marko and Alana are reunited – I could barely stand it when they were apart. I do wonder where they stand now with Prince Robot IV, though. This will be exciting to figure out in the next volume. (They still know how to handle a cliffhanger here.) (Dengo’s ending was way harsh.)

And as happy as I am to get The Will back to consciousness, it is a giant pity that it cost The Brand her life. I would have loved to have kept her around longer. I can definitely understand his anger at that, though I also really felt the hurt it caused for Gwen, Sophie and the Lying Cat.

The artwork is gorgeous, the characters are wonderful and I’m somehow rooting for all of them, even though most of them work against each other. Vaughan and Staples just now their characters so well, now that they all have (understandable) reasons that drive them – and it fucking works for all of them. And for me.

Summarizing: Love it.

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