Saga – Volume 7 (Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples)

Saga is a comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Volume 7 collects the issues 37-42.
Finished on: 7.8.2020
[Here are my reviews of the other volumes.]

Hazel and her family, plus ragtag additions, are still traveling through the galaxy. Prince Robot IV would like to return to his son before his birthday, so he is hoping to make good time. But the ship is running out of fuel, so they have to land on a comet that has been one of the places where Wreath and Landfall wreaked havoc. While they are hiding in plain sight, The Will tries to find Sophie and Gwendoline, hoping to make amends.

In a series filled to the brim with harshness (but also love), Saga Volume 7 is a particularly harrowing volume that had me crying more than once. I guess it’s a sign of how invested I am in these characters.

The cover showing Marko defending himself from gunfire with a shield and Alana shooting back.

There were a couple of moments earlier in the volume, but the end of issue 42 really is the worst – storywise. Regarding the storytelling it’s pretty damn fantastic. Bold and effective, it really hit it out of the park. Not that the pages before that were filled with lightness. Some pretty central and others not so much central characters die here and each and every one of them was a loss I keenly felt.

Fortunately, it isn’t all doom and gloom (athough the balance is certainly in doom’s favor), and there are some very sweet moments in between. But still, there is a sense of unease that runs through every page and that leaves nothing unaffected. Definitely not me. It is reflected in the coloring that seems much darker than before (definitely still gorgeous, though).

I can’t believe that the series is ending soon. And at this point in the story, I am barely daring to hope that it will end on a positive note. It seems almost impossible to achieve. But I guess I will find out soon enough.

Summarizing: heavy and so very good.

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