Inner Demon (2014)

Inner Demon
Director: Ursula Dabrowsky
Writer: Ursula Dabrowsky
Cast: Sarah Jeavons, Kerry Ann Reid, Andreas Sobik, Todd Telford
Seen on: 1.3.2021

Sam (Sarah Jeavons) is babysitting her little sister Maddie when a woman (Kerry Ann Reid) knocks on their door, asking to use the phone. Sam is suspicious, but at this point, it is already too late. Sam wakes a short while later in the trunk of a car driven by Karl (Andreas Sobik). Fearing for herself and for her little sister, Sam starts to fight with everything she has.

Inner Demon does a lot with very little, but after a very strong beginning, it starts to run out of steam a little. Still, it’s not bad.

The film pster showing Sam (Sarah Jeavons) and a fishing hook, arranged as if Sam was the bait.

Inner Demon has a very strong beginning – when Sam gets kidnapped, it is very tense. When she makes her first escape attempts, she goes about things smartly, but not in a superhuman way. It’s when she ends up at the house that things fell a little apart for me. The film lost its tension and started to feel much longer than it is.

The ending didn’t win me back, either, because it was just so very bleak. I didn’t mind so much that things turned supernatural, though I thought that it wasn’t all that necessary, but this solution just came too late to stave off the biggest harm and if you do go for a ghost ex machina ending, it should come at a better (earlier) moment in my opinion.

Sam (Sarah Jeavons) dragging herself over the floor.

Jeavons has to carry the biggest part of the film on her own and she does a really good job with everything. Sam is a fighter who tries her best and Jeavons uncovers the iron that is inside Sam, making it believable that a teenager would get through what Sam gets through.

There are some attempts to make Karl even creepier than he already is by having him tell a fairy tale and that part didn’t work at all for me. I also thought that the relationship between Karl and his wife-slash-accomplice was a little flat. Overall, I was hoping for a little more from the film, but I have definitely seen worse.

Karl (Andreas Sobik) sitting blood-spattered at a table.

Summarizing: passable.

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