Closing Doors (T.A. Pratt)

Closing Doors is the tenth and final of the Marla Mason novels by T.A. Pratt.
Finished on: 2.5.2021
[Here are my reviews of the rest of the series.]

Now that Marla Mason has actually become the God of Death, she needs a mortal companion so the underworld is fully staffed again. But dating as the God of Death when your date is a job interview at the same time isn’t easy. And it’s not like it’s Marla’s only problem: the Bay Witch has called on the favor Marla still owed because there is a mysterious black sand that is threatening the world.

Closing Doors is a really fine ending to a long-running series that I found very satisfying – both the entire series and this particular book in it. I’ll miss Marla and her friends, but with this novel, we got a good good-bye.

The book cover showing a woman with long black hair in a bridal gown sitting on a thorne of ice, thorns and skulls.

I read the first novel in the series in 2015, so Marla Mason has been with me quite a while now and it is, of course, kind of sad that this is it. But Closing Doors does a really good job with tying up loose ends, all the while still managing to have big bad that needs defeating, and that I also found pretty interesting.

Reading about Marla Mason dating was a particular pleasure, not just because the novel returns to Marla’s bisexuality that was mentioned at the very beginning, but not so much at the forefront since then because Marla only dated men in the last few books. Now she gets to date both men and women (and would have been fine with somebody non-binary as well), and it is made very clear that her dating women isn’t just because she really needs a mortal consort, no matter the gender. And I both liked who she chose for the job and the romantic note on which the book ends.

The book finds a pretty good ending for all central characters (Marzi was a little short-changed, I thought, but that has been true ever since she was introduced – she never really got as much attention as she would have deserved, I thought).

Overall, saying good-bye may be always a little bitter-sweet, but Closing Doors is one of the most satisfying good-byes I ever read. You definitely shouldn’t miss it, if you’re into the series.

Summarizing: Really good.

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