Woodkid (Support: Awir Leon)

Woodkid played a show in the Gasometer in Vienna supported by Awir Leon.
Seen on: 23.4.2022

Having seen two live shows recently (in relatively small locations and with mask mandates in place), I threw caution into the wind a little and went to see Woodkid (a show that was originally planned to be open air and two years ago) in Vienna’s second biggest concert location. Indoor. With a recently lifted mask mandate. My friend and I wore our masks anyway, but I was surprised by how few people opted to wear masks on a voluntary basis, and I’m not keen to repeat the experience any time soon, I have to admit. But my anxiety was not so bad that I left the concert early. Or maybe the concert was so good. I mean, it was definitely really good.

Woodkid standing in a uniform that is vaguely reminiscent of an astronaut's suit, a hardhat under his arm, in front of some machinery.

Things got kicked off by Awir Leon who is actually a member of Woodkid’s band, but also has a solo project. And it really was just him and a keyboard (with special effects) on stage. I hadn’t heard of him before, and he doesn’t actually have an album out yet from what I gather, but the music was really nice and he is a great dancer who got the crowd heated up properly. A really good start for the night.

After a short transition time of only 15 minutes (when the crowd started cheering, I haughtily proclaimed that they were mistaken, that there is never less than 30 minutes between opening and main act, only to be proven wrong myself 30 seconds later), Woodkid and his band took the stage. And boy, it has really been a very long time that I saw a concert that was that much of a show and that did so much on the visual level in addition to the music. Whether it was billowing clouds, bursting stones, alien landscapes or Woodkid as an android, the concert was a visual feast as well as one for the ears.

Music still took center stage, though. Woodkid’s first album felt like something entirely new that was suddenly everywhere. His second album does not feel quite as revolutionary, but I do like how consistent it is, though Goliath – the major single – is the best song in my opinion. In any case, he played a nice mix of old and new songs, often changing tempo between the slower and the faster songs. The faster songs do work better live, I think. Especially since the crowd was really hyped up. It seems people are hungry for concerts (I understand. It’s the reason I was there, too), so much so that they/we even dragged out the encore a little as you can see in the video below. Woodkid certainly had good rapport with the audience, making it a really good night. And since I have tested negative so far after it, I am glad I was there.

Summarizing: definitely worth to see live.

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